Intensive Polish Language Course – from 0 to Hero

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Learning Objectives

You will learn Polish phrases from different chapters
You will learn the correct pronunciation
You will see movies from Polish native speakers
You will solve the exercises for each chapter
You will learn through Polish movies and Polish music


29 Lessons

Intensive Polish Language Course – from 0 to Hero

How to Start & Who we are00:00
Basic phrases and expressions in Polish00:00
Quiz – Test yourself
Video Before Exercises00:00
The first exercises00:00
Extra Tools – Pronunciation in Practice00:00
Basic Polish Nouns00:00
Basic Polish Nouns Part 200:00
Basic Polish Nouns Part.300:00
We explain nouns in practice00:00
The verb “ROBIĆ” in Practice00:00
List: Co możesz robić00:00
Top 100 phrases used in Polish language00:00
The list of 50 most commonly used verbs00:00
Sentence building – examples of using verbs in polish language00:00
How to create compound sentences00:00
Full Shopping in Polish00:00
Asking for directions00:00
Receiving Care00:00
Ordering Meal00:00
Going to cinema00:00
Basic Polish Adjectives00:00
Basic Polish Adjectives Part 200:00
Basic Polish Adjectives Part 300:00

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Grammar – 0 to Hero

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