10 exercises ideas for learning Polish

Why learning Polish is beneficial: Personal, travel, and career opportunities Learning …

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Learn Polish Color

Name and Pronounce Colors in Polish – Colour, Pronunciation, Word

What are the basic colors in Polish language? The basic colors …

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Top 8 best apps mobile to learn Polish in 2023 – Free Apps – Speak like a Native

Top 8 best mobile apps to learn Polish Language in 2023 …

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polish alphabet

Guide to Polish Alphabet with Pronunciation

ABECADŁO – the POLISH ALPHABET It is not a secret that …

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Common Polish phrases for different situations – useful phrases and exercises.

COMMON POLISH PHRASES for different situations Today we will focus on: …

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Common Polish Phrases Greetings – Introduce Yourself with different situations

USEFUL PHRASES Today we will focus on the phrases you need …

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to be in polish language masterslanguage

The Polish verb “BYĆ” – to be.

VERB CONJUGATION Polish verbs are conjugated in 6 different ways in order …

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Common problems for foreign learners of Polish.

POLISH LANGUAGE Polish is a Slavic language and one of the …

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Learn how to count in Polish – basic information about numbers

POLISH NUMBERS Just like most of the Polish words, numbers need …

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Polish personal pronouns masterslanguage

Personal Pronouns in a nutshell – learn POLISH LANGUAGE.

What are PERSONAL PRONOUNS? There are different types of pronouns. Today …

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Transform Your Polish Learning with Amazing Apps: Discover How Now!

‍Image Source: FreeImages‍ Are you looking for a way to learn …

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