Free Crash Polish Course

Free Crash Polish Course


  • 15 Lessons & 5 Exercises
  • Join to Polish WhatsApp Group
  • Learn Basic Polish Sentences
  • Record your pronunciation and submit for Evaluation!


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Start your adventure with a Special System

👨🎤 Don't be ashamed anymore!

Record your pronunciation and we will correct you
(if you need it)

Interactive tasks with hints when you do something wrong 👨✅

Drag and Drop. Great fun and the best way to remember words. ❤️😍

⚡Flashcards - Check how many words you remember

If you don’t know a word, write it down for later

Learn Faster with a Special Method

11 Polish Lessons

Interactive free Polish language lessons from Native Speakers

7 Interactive Exercises

Interactive free Polish language Exercises from Native Speakers

Special Pronunciation Learning System

Record your pronunciation and send it for evaluation to us.

[🎁] Access to Polish chats with Native Speakers

You will get access to WhatsApp chat where you can write with other people in Polish

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Start from the absolute beggining

Are you starting with the Polish language? Excellently! Start learning vocabulary, sentences and create sentences! Start polish lesson for beginners

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Join our Polish Newsletter & Social Media and start learning with us! We teach Polish Every Day. Join now to our polish club and start chatting in polish language.

Polish up your language

Join Professional Polish language courses and start learn polish 23x faster than others 🙂

What You will find in the Learn Polish Website

More just an Polish Language Course
Our goal is to teach you to speak Polish over the Internet. On our website of the Polish language you will learn Polish words, phrases and sentence structures. You will be able to listen to Polish stories from everyday life. So is it even possible to learn a polish language lesson ? Of course! With our course! Go Study Polish!
What will you find here

Study Polish: 4 Basic Skills You Will Learn

Our course has everything you will need to become a fluent Polish speaker.




The Best Interactive Tools for the Fastest Learning of the Polish Language

Join our project and find out with what tools you will be able to start learning Polish.
shopping situation cartoon in polish masterslanguage

Learning the Polish Language in Everyday Situations

The fastest way to learn specific Polish phrases. Learn in practice and learn to shop in Poland in 5 minutes 🙂 Try a free Polish language course.

How does it look like?

Our learning methods!

The most important thing in learning anything is passion. We invite you to see our short movie to see how leaning Polish in our school looks like.

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The course helped me to speak Polish more fluently. I finally felt confident. I have been working in Poland for 2 months now 🙂

Amy, Sweden

Thank you very much for this course and the information it contains. I looked at many things from a different perspective. It helped me a lot

Ann, Netherlands

Bravo! The Best Polish Language Course. Thank you for your patience! My pronunciation was tragic! Regards, Friends!

Eliezer, Mexico


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