1 Month of Private Polish Online Live Classes 🍀

1 Month of Private Polish Online Live Classes 🍀


  • 4 lessons of 45 minutes each
  • Learn phrases & words
  • Learn Polish in small group
  • Learn to pronounce correctly

Polish Classes Online

From 0 to Hero

Information about Polish Classes:

We have 4 meetings a month 🍀 Meetings last 45 minutes 🙂

🎬 Meetings are recorded, so you can open them whenever you want.

You are anonymous – be yourself 🙂

After booking (payment for classes) we will inform you about the meeting by e-mail and send you a link to classes.

Lessons start 7:00 PM – GTM +1
Every Wednesday
All lessons are recorded

What are we going to do?
Learn the most important things from scratch.





And we teach all this through:

Conversations with a native speaker

Grammar exercises

Videos with transcriptions

Reading exercises

Vocabulary flashcards

Writing exercises

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The Polish language is a beautiful language with History

Learn in the Live Group

80.00 for 4 lessons

Our Students' Opinions

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The course helped me to speak Polish more fluently. I finally felt confident. I have been working in Poland for 2 months now 🙂

Amy, Sweden

Thank you very much for this course and the information it contains. I looked at many things from a different perspective. It helped me a lot

Ann, Netherlands

Bravo! The Best Polish Language Course. Thank you for your patience! My pronunciation was tragic! Regards, Friends!

Eliezer, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn Polish?

The easiest way to learn Polish is to learn with a native speaker or with a group of people who want to learn everything under the supervision of a person who can improve you.

Learn how to speak polish - Polish for foreigners
We have our own method of learning Polish for foreigners. We teach new words, sentence building and pronunciation. The most important thing is to talk and write in Polish.

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